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Shopping centres - E.S.G. Agent

ESG AgentShopping Centres sector has grown remarkably over the last few years all over Europe. Standard security services proved to be inefficient in facing shops and centres managers’ requirements. Shopping Centres supplies an ideal habitat for criminals who find different classes of goods concentrated in the same place, a real self-service at their complete disposal.

ESG AgentThe birth of these "Mini-Towns" has created the need for a new figure: the E.S.G. Agent.

Not a Security Guard, not a Fireman, the E.S.G. Man is a man created according to the needs of a universe called Shopping Centre.

The E.S.G. Man is trained professionally for every need of a shopping centre: anti-shoplifting, anti-robbery, anti-bag-snatching, anti-intrusion, anti-sabotage and anti-terrorism; he is also a technician able to manage monitors, to control fire fighting systems efficiency and to manage car parks direction. He is able to give first aid in case of need.

ESG AgentHe has gotten through highly selective training courses, specializing in every aspect of this activity and making it his profession.

He has gotten through legal deepening courses to get to know the laws regulating the sector, so as to be able to give a valid advice contribution to the shop staff.

ESG AgentEverything obviously with class, elegance and professionalism.
On the whole, a professional figure, trained for all eventualities, essential in the modern vision of a shopping centre.


Customers reception and service

First Intervention


Car Park Control